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About us

Welcome to University of Warwick Pool Club! We encourage people of all abilities to join the club and come and play some pool. Both English 8-Ball and American 9-Ball is played throughout the year so we offer something for everyone! As well as playing pool we offer regular socials, more information can be found in the calendar.



I am not very good at pool, can I still join?

Of course! We really do encourage players of all abilities to join, whether you're picking up a cue for the first time or if you've been playing for as long as you remember. Most of our members started playing properly at university so you'd be well within the norm to start playing now. The club offers something for everyone, from relaxed casual practise sessions to competitive, inter-university competitions. We have players of all levels from beginners to national standard.

Which rule set do you play?

We play world rules. The top three most important rules to note are that you don't have to call the pocket when potting the black, two shots carry onto the black and after every shot you have to hit a cushion and/or pot a ball. For more details please see the official rules here or feel free talk to one of the exec who will be more than happy to help.

Do I need my own cue?

No, there are 'house' cues you can borrow, however these are also used by the whole university so they are not very good quality. They are fine to use at the beginning but we usually find most people purchase their own cue as they wish to improve their game. For help in buying a cue feel free to ask any of the exec for advice, they will be happy to help.

Do I need Warwick Sport Membership?

Yes. If you are only joining the pool club then you need the off campus club membership. If you are joining other clubs they may require you to have a full Warwick sport membership which would also cover you for pool, so you wouldn't need to buy the off campus club membership on top of this. Once you have your membership you will need to join the Pool club which can be done by clicking 'Join us' at the bottom of the page.

Do you play on campus?

Yes, the weekly sessions are in the SU Pool Room, which is on the first floor of the SU between the Copper Rooms and Terrace Bar, you can't miss them. Some members like to play off campus, usually at Riley's in Coventry or Frames in Leamington, as the tables there are closer to competition standard. For this reason team practises before tournaments can be held there. Weekly sessions, however will nearly always be in the SU. We also have a brand new match table in the Snooker and Pool Room, above the Dirty Duck pub, which members can use for matches and tournament practise for free.

Will I be able to play competitively?

Yes, we compete in inter-university tournaments in both English 8-Ball and American 9-Ball throughout the year. We typically enter a few teams of 3-5 people, selected by the Club Captain. For more information about tournaments please refer to the calendar or ask the Club Captain.

We also host several intra-university competitions for members to compete in. This includes the annual Uni Champs and trophy, which are year long knockout competitions.

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