Book a Table


Click "here" to book the pool table. The pool table is located in the Snooker room above the Dirty Duck. If you're having problems accessing the booking website, please "contact us"

Leon giving a tutorial on how to clean the table.

Table Rules and Etiquette

It is our priority to ensure that people stay safe during the COVID-19 pandemic, to do this, all members must follow these safety rules when using the pool table

  1. When booking please state your name and ID numbers in the box provided (for track and trace)

  2. When in the snooker room wear face masks at all times

  3. Only two people are allowed to play on the pool table simultaneously

  4. When travelling to the snooker room, please use the Whitefields entrance. "Here" is a video showing you (go to 1 minute in)

  5. Use hand sanatizer before entering


Once you have finished using the pool table please use the brush and spray correctly to clean it​. After doing so, put all equipment away (including balls) amd cover the pool table. Check out the video below showing how to clean the table correctly.