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Book a Table


Click here to book the pool table. The pool table is located in the Snooker room above the Dirty Duck. If you're having problems accessing the booking website, please contact us.

Leon giving a tutorial on how to clean the table.

Table Rules and Etiquette

As the snooker room is a shared space with the Snooker and Billiards Club, and as there is expensive equipment, it is important that the following rules are adhered to all times:

  1. No alcohol in the room

  2. No food or drink on the tables, cloth or edge

  3. Only pool club members are allowed to use the pool table

  4. Only use the snooker tables if you are a member of the snooker club

  5. Do not use snooker balls on the pool table or vice versa

  6. Treat the equipment with care (Chalk your cue, avoid massé shots, etc.)

  7. After use, clean and brush the table as shown in the video opposite

  8. Cover the table after use

  9. Report any damages to the exec as soon as possible

Continued match table use is at the discretion of the exec. Whilst Uni Champs or the internal league is running, competitive matches will take priority, and there may be limitations on the amount of time you can book the table per week. For updates, ensure you join the Facebook group.

Note that you may be liable for any damages caused.

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