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Varsity 2019

Congratulations to the Warwick Varsity team who recorded the largest WIN in pool varsity history!!!

Special shout outs go to Makhan Notay, Sammy Lee Valder and Tom Clarence Yan who all won 4/4 of their frames, as well as Rohan Agrawal for potting the winning black!

The match was a tense affair during the first set of singles and doubles. Warwick won the first set of singles 6-4 which included a Break Dish from President Sammy Lee Valder. The first set of doubles were also tight with Warwick coming out strong winning 3-2. That left the scoreline at 9-6 for the halfway mark.

Then... well... we crushed them. All partners played brilliantly to win the next doubles set 5-0, and we continued the momentum to smash Cov in the singles 8-2! A personal highlight being William Muraszko's fearless frames on the live stream!

Final Score: WARWICK 22 - 8 COVENTRY


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