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  • Matt Bates

Awards Night 2020

Authors: Matt Bates & Adam Labat

Thank you very much to those who voted and attended the Pool Awards. Despite the pandemic, pool this year was fantastic and we can only hope next year is the same - or even better!!

Most Debatable Shot

Now this is awarded to the shot up for most discussion - that's the definition of debatable - typically shots made in the heat of the moment or just straight up poor decision making. This year the award goes to Matt Ross for potting the 5, perfect position on the 6 but the 4 is still on the table. Nice one Matt!

Winner: Matt Ross

Best Tournament Run

Best Tournament Run goes to Sammy's awesome individuals run at Coventry Open, placing 2nd - he didn't seem too happy.

Winner: Sammy Lee Valder

Biggest Fluke

No-one likes to be called lucky but you love it when you are, so we made it an award. This award goes to Barri Matharu for potting an outrageous cocked hat (off 3 cushions into the middle pocket) against Essex. The fact that it was a revenge fluke made it the cherry on top, we don't call him Barri Potter for nothing you know.

Winner: Barri Matharu

BUCS Moment

BUCS Moment is awarded to an event or moment - clue is in the title - that stands out which occurred over the pool BUCS weekend. The award obviously goes to Will Murazsko and his late night adventures, M.I.A until 5am to see the sights of Great Yarmouth, I don't think so. An unusual event surrounded by so much speculation deserves an award. Prize money to those who find out the truth.

Winner: Will's Late Night Adventures

Best Equipment Award

Best Equipment Award, also known as best, worst or most unusual equipment award goes to Mr. David Chen, however he does not fit this criteria. He has what is known as god tier equipment so the award is rightfully his. Arjan, turning up to tournaments without having a cue for the entire year comes a close second though.

Winner: David Chen

Best Quote

Best quote goes to the person with the most fitting and/or funny one liner - or in Adi's case one paragraph about a Swedish Activist. Amrik Ubhi or the "Quote Goat" takes the crown for Best Quote with "DEEP REVERSE TOP!" Code for deep screw, regularly used in sessions and tournaments. Sorry, I forgot to mention that the crown has to be split in two since Leon's "GOD SHOT" is too good to forget.

Winners: Amrik Ubhi and Leon Piponides

Player of the Year

Matt Ross won the award for the best and most consistent pool player for the years 2019/2020. The votes for this award were very close, the voting had to have 2 stages due to a three way tie between Sammy Lee Valder, Jonathan Ede and Matt Ross. In stage 2 Matt won the award just ahead of the two other candidates.

Winner: Matt Ross

Fresher of the Year

This award goes to the best fresher to join the pool club in 2019/2020. This category was dominated by Matt Anscomb, who showed amazing ability both during the regular sessions and in tournaments.

Winner: Matt Anscomb

Team of the Year

Awarded to the best performing team of the year. The award goes to Warwick 2's at BUCS, this team even won a BUCS medal, very well done to those on the roster!

Winner: Warwick 2's at BUCS

Roster: Amrik Ubhi, Sammy Valder, Daniel Ball, Will Muraszko, Barri Matharu

Most Improved Player

Awarded to the player who has made the biggest improvement from the beginning to the end of the 2019/20 season. Both Josh Ali and Matt Anscomb showed tremendous improvement throughout the year so they rightfully deserve this award

Winners: Josh Ali & Matt Anscomb

Best Frame

The award for the best frame of the 2019/2020 competitive season goes to the final frame between Warwick 1´s and Warwick 2´s in the 3 man playoff, followed closely by Jonathan´s performance vs Exeter at BUCS for total clearances in both frames.

Winner: Warwick 1's vs Warwick 2's

Best Match

Awarded to the best match of the 2019/2020 season. Warwick 2's vs Nottingham 1's at BUCS was an exciting match to watch and deserves to be this year's winner

Winner: Warwick 2's vs Nottingham 1's at BUCS

Best Shot

This goes to the player who managed to pull off a shot like no other in a tournament, whether that's a screw back cross table plant, or an intentional cocked hat to win. This year Amrik won the award because of his incredibly accurate red down the rail with a trace of bottom right to avoid scratching in the middle pocket against Aston.

Winner: Amrik Ubhi


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