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EEUPC Review

When 10/15 of the players I selected were new to the club, I thought we were there for experience and not necessarily for results... Oh how I was wrong!

*** Team Event ***

All credit here has to go to the 2s and 3s who both performed amazingly! Starting with the trophy event. In the group stage, Warwick 2s deservedly topped their group in style after winning all 3 of their matches! Warwick 3s won 2 and lost 1 of theirs, but still managed to progress to the Plate event by finishing in third.

In the knockouts Warwick 2s survived a quarter-final scare with a 3-2 victory over Kent 2, Bo Liu clutching the final frame! The semi-final was a completely different matter however, with a convincing 3-1 win over Birmingham 2. The final was against UCL 2, and boy was it a tense affair. UCL struck an early 4-3 lead but Warwick hung on with Daniel and Jonathan winning crucial frames to take the 5-4 lead. Once again captain superstar Bo Liu held his nerve and potted a beautiful thin cut to middle avoiding an in-off on the black to bring home the Trophy title to Warwick!!

Surely Warwick 3s couldn't replicate this?! With a bye to the semi-finals the thirds were optimistic.. and rightly so! I'd like to make this writing tense, but quite honestly Warwick 3s smashed Roehampton 2s 4-1 in the semi-final and annihilated Hertfordshire 3s 6-0 in the plate final!! Incredible performances from everyone in that team!

Warwick 1s (stuck in the first team only championship event) had less success. Highlights of which include a return dish by Sammy against UCL 1 (no, you didn't read that wrong), methodical frames by Julian and colourful excuses from Joe.

*** Individuals Event ***

Once again the individuals was split into two categories, the Championship and Trophy for first and non-first team players respectively.

Unlike the team event, in the Championship the first team seemed to shine with both Sammy Valder and Joe Wall having great runs reaching the quarter-finals! (Winning a tasty £20 in the process) Both players mirrored each others results smashing early rounds 3-0 and then winning the last 16 match 3-2 after both being 2-0 down! Even knocking out some tournament favorites on the way!

In the Trophy, Daniel Hunter reached the last 16 but crashed out to snooker star Sean Reynolds. Sam Olley pulled through some incredible performances to go one further and reach the quarter finals!! (Another tasty £20) Unfortunately he also met Reynolds at this stage who ended his terrific run.

I'm so proud of everyone who played yesterday, it was a long long day, but we came out with some incredible results! Two winners trophies in the teams and 3 quarter-finalists in the singles. It was an honour to represent Warwick yesterday!


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