Matt Bates - President

Year: 3rd

Course: Maths and Physics

When I Started: I started playing consistently in 1st year, but have played in bars before.

Why I Like Pool:  Who doesn't?

Greatest Pool Achievement: Winning the Hatfield Team trophy

Favourite Moment: Potting the black off three cushions to go through to the next round. Somehow I got it and people watching went crazy!

Top Tip for Freshers: Don't be disheartened if you struggle in a match, some people are very talented. Just keep playing, and you will be too.

Favourite Shot: Table length deep screw.


Leon Piponides - Vice President

Year: 3rd 

Course: Data Science

When I Started: I started pool in year 1. It started as a social thing every Thursday and it sort of just became more regular and competitive

Why I Like Pool: It is a great way to pass time and relax after a long day of university

Greatest Pool Achievement: Considering I have only participated in uni-based competitions, my greatest achievement was winning the Warwickshire trophy.

Top Tip for Freshers: Just enjoy yourself and make the most out of the club experience.

Favourite Shot: God shot.

Josh Ali - Treasurer

Year: 3rd

Course: Maths and physics

When I Started: Apart from the odd game in a pub I started playing pool in my first year of university.

Why I Like Pool: I like pool because of the tactics behind it, no game is the same so you are solving a different puzzle each time. In pool you can have a bad game but still play some nice shots, you can take positives away from it even if it is not your day. 

Greatest Pool Achievement: My best achievement in pool was winning the Hatfield 2020 team tournament which was even more special as this is my home town. 

Top Tip for Freshers: My best tip to improve is to play people better than you, analyse their game and copy what they do well. A tip to enjoy the game, especially when starting out, is to set yourself small goals. If you are not winning then see how many balls you can pot before your opponent wins. Next game try beat this.

Favourite shot: My favourite shot I´ve played was a length of the table double, even though I was losing pretty bad, this was a nice shot to make up for it.

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Makhan Notay - Club Captain

Year: 3rd

Course: MORSE

When I Started: 3 years ago.

Why I Like Pool:  My Dad plays a lot, and tournaments are a good laugh.

Greatest Pool Achievement: Winning Region for Kent and playing for India.

Favourite Moment: The last frame for county in the Cup final.

Top Tip for Freshers: Get a good technique before anything else.

Favourite shot: Cocked hat double.

Matt Ross - 9 Ball Captain

Year: 4th

Course: Applied Engineering

When I Started: 9 years old.

Why I Like Pool: It’s a good laugh with friends, and a good excuse to go to the pub!

Greatest Pool Achievement: Becoming 9 Ball captain for Warwick.

Favourite Moment: Being runner up in the BUCS national team championship.

Top Tip for Freshers: Enjoy yourself, playing pool should be fun even at a competitive level.

Favourite Shot: Potting an outrageous 7 which allowed me to clear up to beat Joe Wall in the Warwick 9 Ball League.


Katie Swan - Women´s Captain

Year: 2nd

Course: Biological Sciences

When I Started: Last year during the first term, my friend brought me along to a session and I have loved it ever since.

Why I Like Pool: It is very social and it is super easy to make friends while playing

Greatest Pool Achievement: Last year I helped to run a charity tournament, which raised money for Meningitis Research Foundation 

Top Tip for Freshers: If you are doubting your abilities or feel worried about joining something different, please do not be, it is a chill environment.

Favourite shot: Playing a casual game in one of the sessions, a big crowd comes over to watch. I sliced the black in the middle pocket and everyone cheered for me.

Andrew Photo.jpg

Andrew Nicoll - Social Secretary

Year: 2nd

Course: Physics

When I Started: Played from a young age but started seriously in 1st year.

Why I Like Pool: It is an addictive sport with endless tactics, strategies and juicy shots. It is also great fun to play with friends in the pub or at tournaments.

Greatest Pool Achievement: Winning Warwickshire Classics (Warwick 3rds) on debut. 

Top Tip for Freshers: Get involved as much as you can, especially our social events.

Favourite Shot: Long pot with deep screw that sends the object ball flying into the corner pocket. 

Adi Jayakumar - Events Manager

Year: 2nd

Course: Maths

When I Started: At the beginning of university

Why I Like Pool: I like pool because it is a fun game and the people who are members of the club are great.

Greatest Pool Achievement: Winning a game with a double at BUCS.

Top Tip for Freshers: Ability in pool is very much a function of how much you play

Favourite Shot: The double mentioned earlier at BUCS. 

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Adam Labat - IT & Publicity Officer

Year: 2nd

Course: Management

When I Started: 1st year of my undergraduate degree, but I have played a lot of American pool before that.

Why I Like Pool: I like the tactical aspect of pool the most, especially looking at the table, coming up with a plan and then trying to follow the plan as well as possible.

Favourite Moment: Full clearing the table during a Uni champs match from a terrible position to win the match.

Top Tip for Freshers: Ask questions and listen to experienced players! There are a lot of very simple things they can teach you that will help you improve tremendously.

Favourite Shot: Shots that seem impossible but somehow they still go in.