Jonathan Ede - President

Year: 4th

Course: MORSE

When I Started: I started playing regularly in 2nd year.

Why I Like Pool: It's a fun, tactical and social sport which anyone can play.

Greatest Pool Achievement: Reaching two individual quarter finals and one semi final in 3rd year.

Favourite Moment: Break dish in 80 seconds on the live stream at the Warwickshire Classic.

Top Tip for Freshers: Get involved as much as you can - you'll improve so much from regular practise.

Favourite Shot: Reverse side double plant.

Daniel Ball - Vice President

Year: 3rd 

Course: Economics

When I Started: I played from a young age but started playing seriously in 1st year.

Why I Like Pool: It's a sport for all abilities, from social, pub players to county and national level. It's a great opportunity to socialise with friends and unwind from your studies, and it's a very addictive sport.

Greatest Pool Achievement: Reaching the semi final of the BUCS 2019 open flyer (with my quarter final winning blacks on camera).

Favourite Moment: Belting out the Joel Stout chant after his amazing frame win against City firsts at BUCS.

Top Tip for Freshers: Practice as much as you can, throw yourself into sessions and socials, don't be afraid of asking experienced players for help and advice, buy a cue and enjoy yourself!

Favourite Shot: Cocked hat triple to corner (just ask Barri!)

Amrik Ubhi - Treasurer

Year: 3rd

Course: Maths

When I Started: At the beginning of 1st year, but more regularly in 2nd year.

Why I Like Pool: It's simple and fun whilst still remaining technical with many different and creative tactics on how you can play the game, and anyone can beat anyone! 

Greatest Pool Achievement: Beating Rob Keogh in the Uni Championship 6-5 with a long black just off the cushion. 

Favourite Moment: Beating Ricky with a total clearance after he'd missed the black for a break dish.

Top Tip for Freshers: Don't give up! I always look to improve and there's lots of players in the club who can help you develop technique, shots or gameplay and most importantly, have fun while you do it!

Favourite shot: Anything with deep reverse top.

Makhan Notay - Club Captain

Year: 2nd

Course: MORSE

When I Started: 3 years ago.

Why I Like Pool:  My Dad plays a lot, and tournaments are a good laugh.

Greatest Pool Achievement: Winning Region for Kent and playing for India.

Favourite Moment: The last frame for county in the Cup final.

Top Tip for Freshers: Get a good technique before anything else.

Favourite shot: Cocked hat double.

Matt Ross - 9 Ball Captain

Year: 3rd

Course: Applied Engineering

When I Started: 9 years old.

Why I Like Pool: It’s a good laugh with friends, and a good excuse to go to the pub!

Greatest Pool Achievement: Becoming 9 Ball captain for Warwick.

Favourite Moment: Being runner up in the BUCS national team championship.

Top Tip for Freshers: Enjoy yourself, playing pool should be fun even at a competitive level.

Favourite Shot: Potting an outrageous 7 which allowed me to clear up to beat Joe Wall in the Warwick 9 Ball League.

William Muraszko - Social Secretary

Year: 3rd

Course: Maths

When I Started: 1st year

Why I Like Pool: The satisfaction of watching a brilliant plan executed to perfection.

Greatest Pool Achievement: Playing for the 4th team at my first tournament and winning both my frames against Coventry 1st with some great shot making.

Favourite Moment: Winning Varsity 22-8, including some outrageous play on the live stream.

Top Tip for Freshers: Give it a go at the taster sessions, and get to know more people at our social events.

Favourite Shot: The one that catches everyone by surprise, not least myself.

Matt Bates - Events Manager

Year: 2nd

Course: Maths and Physics

When I Started: I started playing consistently in 1st year, but have played in bars before.

Why I Like Pool:  Who doesn't?

Greatest Pool Achievement: Reaching the Last 16 in my first singles tournament.

Favourite Moment: Potting the black off three cushions to go through to the next round. Somehow I got it and people watching went crazy!

Top Tip for Freshers: Don't be disheartened if you struggle in a match, some people are very talented. Just keep playing, and you will be too.

Favourite Shot: Table length deep screw.

Sammy Valder - IT & Publicity Officer

Year: PhD 4th Year

Course: Physics

When I Started: 1st year of my undergraduate degree.

Why I Like Pool: The social aspect of the sport - playing competitive national tournaments or just with your friends, the social side of pool remains the same.

Greatest Pool Achievement: Winning consecutive University of Warwick Trophy titles.

Favourite Moment: Captaining Warwick to a BUCS Silver medal.

Top Tip for Freshers: Ask questions and listen to experienced players! You can beat anyone at pool if you know how to play intelligently!

Favourite Shot: Reverse side off one cushion.

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