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Ben Moody - President

Year: 2nd

Course: Economics

When I Started: TBC

Why I Like Pool:  TBC

Greatest Pool Achievement: TBC

Top Tip for Freshers: TBC

Favourite Shot: TBC

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Andrew Photo.jpg

Andrew Nicoll - Vice President

Year: 4th

Course: Physics

When I Started: Played from a young age but started seriously in 1st year.

Why I Like Pool: It is an addictive sport with endless tactics, strategies and juicy shots. It is also great fun to play with friends in the pub or at tournaments.

Greatest Pool Achievement: Winning Warwickshire Classics (Warwick 3rds) on debut. 

Top Tip for Freshers: Get involved as much as you can, especially our social events.

Favourite Shot: Long pot with deep screw that sends the object ball flying into the corner pocket. 

Kavit Yasvanim - Treasurer

Year: 2nd

Course: Maths

When I Started: TBC

Why I Like Pool: TBC

Greatest Pool Achievement: TBC

Top Tip for Freshers: TBC

Favourite shot: TBC


Amar Dhariwal - Club Captain

Year: 4th

Course: TBC

When I Started: TBC

Why I Like Pool: TBC

Greatest Pool Achievement: TBC

Favourite Moment: TBC

Top Tip for Freshers: TBC

Favourite shot: TBC


Dhruv Ganatra - Social Secretary

Year: 4th

Course: Physics

When I Started: I started playing casually in 2nd year and improved to play competitively in 3rd year.

Why I Like Pool: It requires precision, technique and calculation, all of which are skills that anyone can improve.

Greatest Pool Achievement: Making it to the last 16 in the individual championships of a tournament.

Favourite Moment: The environment at any tournament.

Top Tip for Freshers: Focus on what you can do, not what you can't. You'll develop your skills and technique over time, especially by playing those better than you. It's a steady climb, so enjoy the journey!

Favourite Shot: An outrageous cut to the middle to win my first 8-ball BUCS frame.

Aisha Austin - Welfare Officer and Women's Captain

Year: 4th

Course: Maths

When I Started: I've been playing pool casually on-and-off for a while, joined the Warwick pool club last year

Why I Like Pool: It can be played both competitively and socially, allowing for anyone to get involved however they want to!

Greatest Pool Achievement: Being part of Warwick Pool’s first ever BUCS women’s team

Top Tip for Freshers: You will naturally pick up the skills the more you play, so it’s better to start sooner rather than later! We’re all here to have fun and enjoy the game, there’s space for all abilities.

Favourite Shot: Any double

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Bailey Photo.jpg

Bailey Walters - IT & Publicity Officer

Year: 3rd

Course: Computer Science

When I Started: I've played on and off my whole life, but didn't start playing properly until the start of my second year.

Why I Like Pool: I like the challenge it poses, both in terms of physical skill and also tactically. It's also just as fun to mess about with your mates.

Favourite Moment: Getting to the final of the shield at the Coventry Open.

Top Tip for Freshers: Play a lot, pay attention to how everyone else plays, and learn the best techniques and tactics.

Favourite Shot: A seemingly impossible shot to dislodge the black from the jaws of a pocket and pot my own ball in the same shot. 

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